Low Voltage Wiring Installation

We install new low voltage wires such as ethernet cables for data and voice lines in offices, retail spaces, clinics and industrial buildings all over metro Atlanta.

Installation and setup of security cameras and access control systems which increase employee security and protect your business assets are frequently added to new wiring installations.

  • Cat-5e and Cat-6 Ethernet (Computers, VoIP phones)
  • Coax (TV & Internet)
  • Access Control (IP Security Cameras & Systems, Door Locks & Latches, Card Readers)
  • Fiber Optic (Internet)
low voltage wiring installation

If you are tired of intermittent internet connections, weak Wi-Fi signals or VoIP phone systems that are offline more than they are online, call us today. There hasn’t been a connection issue yet that we have not been able to solve permanently after an initial site visit and troubleshooting session.

data center cables

Clean Wiring Installs

Ethernet Cable Wire Drops

If your building has outdated wiring that needs to be updated or expanded with additional lines, we can drop new wires and add additional ports to your existing wall boxes. New cables can also be run to wireless access points to expand and enhance your Wi-Fi network or add a secondary Wi-Fi network for guests.

Cat-6 wires are the newest, fastest standard and provide lower cross-talk, less outside interference and superior shielding compared to their Cat-5 predecessors. We color code new wires so it’s easy to distinguish data lines from access points or security cameras.

patch panel wiring

Wall and Rack Mounted

Patch Panels

As part of every new wiring installation, we install and a terminate a rack or wall-mount patch panel to organize and label all wires. After testing each wire to ensure it is functioning at peak performance, we label both sides of the cable so you can isolate and connect to individual cables with ease.